Sissy's Luscious Fettuccine Carbonara

Start with your homemade fettuccine (see earlier pasta recipe) and start a large pot of generously salted water to boil.

1/2 pound pancetta and 2 - 4 cloves of garlic. I buy mine at the Italian deli in Little Italy.

Add two swirls of  olive oil to a heated fry pan and slowly saute the pancetta and garlic.

When all the fat has been rendered and everything is golden brown, pour off the oil and put back on the burner.  Add 1/4 cup of white wine.  Opps!! I added a little more.  Just to deglaze the pan don't ya know.

Simmer until wine has evaporated.  In the meantime, grate about 2 cups of Parmesan.

To a medium mixing bowl add 3 large eggs plus one egg yolk.  Pepper generously and add half the parmesan, some Italian seasoning and mix thoroughly.  Isn't that the most pitiful whisk you've ever seen?

When pasta is ready (opps, did I tell you to put the pasta in the boiling water?  Oh well, you'll  figure it out), reserve about 2 cups of the pasta water.  You will need it.  Drain the  pasta and add in the egg/cheese mixture while stirring.  Add the pancetta. Make sure its all incorporated with the pasta.  It'll be somewhat dry so add some of the pasta water and continue to stir until you have the desired lusciousness and serve with the remaining cheese. 



  1. This looks great. Now I know what I'm making for dinner. I think I'll put fresh chives on it to take it over the top. Another winner from Michael's kitchen!


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